Alison Farmer is one of the UKs leading professionals in landscape character assessment, impact assessment and landscape evaluation. She is principal of Alison Farmer Associates (AFA), based in Cambridge, and has over 25 years of professional experience. Prior to setting up AFA she was Head of Protected Landscapes at LDA design. She studied landscape design and environmental planning at Manchester and Wageningen Universities, and has a first degree in archaeology from Reading University.

Alison works at a strategic level developing guidance on subjects such as neighbourhood planning, and at a local level, including identifying projects for Landscape Partnership schemes. She has a particular interest in working where there are conflicts between competing priorities or environmental objectives, where the significance of environmental assets requires greater clarity, and where a balanced approach and vision is needed. Alison draws on her significant experience in landscape assessment work to find creative solutions.

Alison regularly engages in the training of others and is committed to promoting the value of landscape in enhancing quality of life. Alison enjoys working with and leading others and is a qualified member of the Landscape Institute and a Member of the Town and County Planning Association.